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Our versatile training programs compliment each other offering opportunities for dogs and handlers to experience the fun of a variety of dog sports. Companion obedience for the pet owner, competitive obedience and rally, agility, herding and barn hunt all start with the foundation training that develops the communication needed for a rewarding relationship.

SESSION 6 STARTS MAY 16th                                                                                       ATTENTION STUDENTS: THERE WILL BE NO CLASSES THE WEEK OF 5/30-6/2  DUE TO MEMORIAL DAY SHOWS AND TRAVEL PLANS                                  Session 6 will start May 16th.. A six week session of classes costs $100 and the drop in fee for a class is $20. Please contact your instructor about your class placement for the next session.


Anita Easley teaches Basic and Intermediate Training, Advanced Obedience and Rally and Introduction to Agility.She is an AKC Evaluator for AKC S.T.A.R. Puppy, CGC & CGCA Testing and also teaches Barn Hunt workshops.

Anita Easley……aeasley2@cox.net  or 480-892-2251.

Cindy Meadows teaches Agility classes and Herding lessons by appointment. cindymeadows.mlfdogsports@yahoo.com or 480-987-9283, 480-809-5385

Field Rental for Agility Practice is available by appointment. The fee for students is $10 and for guests $15 per hour. Contact cindymeadows.mlfdogsports@yahoo.com