About Us

A Complete Dog Sports Training Facility

trainingfldsWe are an exclusive organization that is dedicated to the promotion of excellence in dog sports. We offer competitive obedience, agility and herding to handler/dog teams that wish to participate in our programs.

The directors of the programs are all well respected and accomplished in their fields, having achieved the highest degrees of excellence in their chosen dog sport. We have been brought together by our common love of dogs and our desire to train and show our dogs together.

Good Sportsmanship and Dedication

This is a private organization that values good sportsmanship and the dedication that it takes to develop the necessary skills to make a team competitive and successful. The atmosphere is one of friendship and support. We strive to offer a top level facility in which to train your dog. We are continuing to develop and improve upon existing fields, arenas and equipment with the desire to make this the most complete dog sports training facility in the southeast valley. Club membership includes the opportunity to participate in all seminars, clinics, agility and obedience fun runs, CGC tests and special events.

When you enroll in a class at MLF Dog Sports, you automatically become a member, no additional dues to pay. Instruction is available to all club members. These club members will have the opportunity to move up when a position becomes available in a more advanced class. Our goal is to provide the opportunities necessary to learn about, train for and build the confidence necessary to enjoy the competitive world of obedience, rally, agility and herding.