Sources to find agility competition:

Good Dog Agility Shows

Top Notch Canines Shows

Jumping Chollas Shows

Karen’s Agility Trial Services

ASCA  (Australian Shepherd Club of America)     http://www.asca,org/eventscalendar/

AKC  (American Kennel Club)


AKC – American Kennel Club
ASCA – Australian Shepherd Club of America
USDAA – United States Dog Agility Association E-Mail
NADAC – North American Dog Agility Council
DOCNA – Dogs On Course In North American
AHA – Arizona Herding Association
PFOC – Phoenix Field and Obedience
AHBA – American Herding Breeds Assoc.
USBCHA – United States Border Collie Handlers Assoc.
BCCAZ- Border Collie Club of Arizona